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Standing: Mom's cousin Natalie White, Great-Uncle Jack White, Great-Uncle Harry Sternberg, Cousin Jack Sternberg (the groom), Cousin Anna Sternberg (Beck), Great-Uncle Sam Sternberg, Grandpa Jack Sternberg, Great-Aunt Gussie Glagov, Great-Uncle Ben Glagov

Seated: Cousin Sylvia White (Levinson), Great-Aunt Anna White, Great-Grandma Etta Sternberg, Rose Sternberg, Great-Aunt Bessie Sternberg, Mildred Sternberg (now Jill Loft), Grandmother Hilda Sternberg, Cousin Mollie from Detroit.

Children: Mom - Gloria Sternberg (Stateman), Molly's daughter, Seymour Glagov, Aunt Selma.

The groom's parents were Great-Uncle Sam & Great-Aunt Bessie. The cousins, with the exception of Molly, & Uncle Harry were not married yet.