Trip to Great Britain: Inverness to Bourne End (London Suburbs) via Perth, Sterling, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Darlington, York and Peterborough. Cousins Brian & Viv's house in Bourne End, and nearby scenery.

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1289_UK2006.jpg 1290_UK2006.jpg 1291_UK2006.jpg 1292_UK2006.jpg 1293_UK2006.jpg
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1294_UK2006.jpg 1295_UK2006.jpg 1296_UK2006.jpg 1297_UK2006.jpg 1298_UK2006.jpg
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1299_UK2006.jpg 1300_UK2006.jpg 1301_UK2006.jpg 1302_UK2006.jpg 1303_UK2006.jpg
1304_UK2006 1305_UK2006 1306_UK2006 1307_UK2006 1308_UK2006
1304_UK2006.jpg 1305_UK2006.jpg 1306_UK2006.jpg 1307_UK2006.jpg 1308_UK2006.jpg
1309_UK2006 1310_UK2006 1311_UK2006 1312_UK2006 1313_UK2006
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