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Streaming Media Specialist
  • QA Testing (GUI, black box)
  • Technical Support
  • Technical Training
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Photography
  • Writing , Editing
  • Windows (all flavors)
  • UNIX
Hardware savvy
  • Build PCs from parts
  • Read schematics
  • Repair lab experience

Work History

Google 12/16-12/18

QA Tester, Mountain View, CA. Contractor: Manual smoke testing and running (but not creating) automated tests on Android TV devices.

Arris (formerly Motorola Home, Motorola Mobility) 8/11-2/29/16

Sr. Test Engineer, Santa Clara, CA. Employee: see previous Motorola position for details. This is the same position I was laid off from before Motorola split into Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility. Motorola Mobility was bought by Google, which split out the non-cell phone units to Motorola Home, which was sold to Arris.

Tivo 7/11-8/11

Quality Engineer, Alviso, CA. Contractor: Basic testing of a Tivo device for Ono cable in Madrid, Spain.

Netflix 2/10-2/11

Quality Analyst, Los Gatos, CA. Contractor: Certification testing of streaming media devices (DTV, DVD players, Game boxes).

Cisco Systems 10/09-2/10

Quality Analyst, Santa Clara, CA. Consultant: End-to-end testing for StadiumVision IPTV project.

Motorola (Terayon) 5/07-5/30/09

Sr. Test Engineer, Santa Clara, CA. Employee: Software testing on Terayon Cherrypicker Digital Multiplexer devices for cable and IPTV. Taught basic HTML class. Configured ad insertion servers from SeaChange and Arris (C-Cor). Applications used include TS Reader, Advancenet SNMP , Datek video streamers, Tektronix MPEG analyzer. Tested SD and HD video transport in MPEG-2 and H.264/MPEG-4. Motorola bought Terayon shortly after I was hired.

Microsoft 12/06-5/07

Live Services Support Engineer, Mountain View, CA. Contractor: IPTV “MERLIN” team. Configure and monitor video multicast encoders from Tandberg, Scientific Atlanta, Modulus, Harmonic and Skystream. Interface with manufacturers’ representatives, internal program managers, developers and test engineers. Configure Sentivision STBs via XML files. Maintain department spreadsheets, Word and One Note documents.

Minerva Networks 10/06-11/06

Quality Assurance Engineer, Santa Clara, CA. Temporary Employee: Set Top Box test team. Test amino PVR set top boxes for IPTV. Create and execute test cases, document bugs and work with manufacturer’s reps as needed.

Microsoft 7/06-10/06

QA Engineer, Mountain View, CA. Contractor: Set up and test VOD scalability on large-customer IPTV cluster. Perform analysis, file bugs, create documentation, write simple Perl programs for file replication. SQL queries.

Kasenna 7/04-7/06

Technical Support Engineer, Mountain View, CA. 9/04-7/06. Employee: Provide phone, email and on-site support, testing and installation of large-scale streaming media servers on Linux, Solaris and Irix platforms. Some shell and Perl scripting and Java programming of simple test programs.

Professional Services Engineer, Mountain View, CA, 7/04-9/04. Contractor: Perform testing of large-scale Linux streaming media server and install on-site at CNN.

Sony 8/02-6/04

Software Quality Assurance Engineer, San Jose, CA. Contractor: Testing multimedia software on Sony VAIO laptop and desktop PCs. Perform regression testing, follow and write test cases, write defect reports and test results in Sony proprietary database. Use TestDirector and WinRunner for automated tests .Focus on Audio, video and CD/DVD burning. Write PowerPoint presentations on audio and video compression topics and deliver training to peers and managers.

Roxio 12/01-8/02

Technical Support Representative, Santa Clara, CA. Contractor: First-line phone support for CD data/audio/video recording software and DVD authoring software.

Kasenna, Inc. 7/00-8/01

Technical Support Engineer, Mountain View, CA. Third-tier support of MediaBase streaming media server on Irix, Solaris and Linux systems.

Internet Pictures Corp. [iPIX] (formerly 1/00-7/00

Partner Technical Support Engineer, Palo Alto, CA. Guide corporate partners through setup of automated data delivery program. Work with technical contacts at customer sites to assure smooth transition from manual to automated delivery of web image URLs. Mentor several support engineers in Toronto office. Help in QA testing of video-to-JPG conversion software.

Microsoft 9/97-1/00

Program Manager, Network Multimedia Product Unit (NetShow), Redmond, WA, 12/97-1/00. Performed in-depth technical competitive analyses of internet video products. Set up and maintained test lab using studio-quality TV equipment and leading edge PCs. Tested wide variety of video and audio capture cards.

Technical Support Engineer, Bellevue, WA. 9/97-12/97. Phone, email, web support for VXtreme software. Headed the transition of support from VXtreme to Microsoft. Answered more than 1,000 email queries. Trained engineer group to take over Vxtreme support.

VXtreme 10/96-9/97

Technical Support Engineer, Palo Alto and Sunnyvale, CA. Phone, email, web and internal support for video- over-the-web software product line. Mentor for two other support engineers. Delivered internal training, taught HTML classes to sales staff. Administered Solaris and Windows NT servers. Recorded and encoded audio using standard PC tools and hardware.

Sony 4/96-10/96

Staff Engineer II, Systems Engineering Center, San Jose, CA. Product support for automated broadcast television system based on distributed Windows NT systems. Configure hardware and software, contribute to and edit technical notes and support manuals. On-site in Sydney, Australia 9/96-10/96. Help train field staff.

Starlight Networks 8/95-4/96

Technical Support Engineer, Network Management Team, HQ, Mountain View, CA. First- and second-level support for real-time video server software on EISA, PCI, IBM RS/6000 and Sun SPARCstation platforms. Client software on Mac and Windows platforms. MPEG and AVI video encoding. Edit technical bulletin. Maintain dial-up BBS system. Help maintain Web server & create Web pages. Extensive configuration and repair of wide variety of PCs. Help develop and teach technical training classes to customers and staff. Develop and teach beginning HTML classes to staff.

UB Networks (formerly Ungermann-Bass), 11/93-8/95

Technical Support Engineer, Network Management Team, HQ, Santa Clara, CA. First- and second-level support for network management and monitoring products on OS/2 1.3, 2.11, Windows, HP-UX and SunOS platforms. Also support Macintosh terminal emulator software and Localtalk-to-IP gateway product. As part of a 12-engineer team, solve complex internetworking problems over the phone, submit bug reports to development groups, alpha- and beta-test software and hardware. Research and write articles and Tech Notes for UB Technical Journal. Act as a resource for Tech Support, Tech Pubs and Training on network management issues and Unix. Monitor Usenet, the World Wide Web, and ftp sites.

Hewlett-Packard, 6/88-11/93

Support Engineer, HP Research Grants Program, Palo Alto, CA, 8/91 to 11/93. Perform technical and administrative support for grant managers, using Unix email, Internet news, and PC Windows applications. Support PC and UNIX workstations. 11/92 HP Labs Science Centers Program added to my responsibilities. Support visiting scholars at Stanford and UC Berkeley on Unix-related issues including network configs, sendmail, nfs between HP and Sun machines, installing new drives and automating backup routines. Administer ftp, nfs, ninstall and LAN Manager (LM/X) server.

System Support Engineer, HP Intelligent Networks Operation, Palo Alto, CA, 12/89 to 8/91. Technical support for LAN monitoring software. In-house support for PC software. Ran beta test programs. Taught classes for Engineers and sales representatives.

Response Center Engineer, HP Western Response Center, Mountain View, CA, 6/88 to 12/89. On-line customer technical support for desktop publishing, PC graphics and PC spreadsheet products. Some support of PC hardware and Windows. Wrote articles. Alpha- and Beta-tested software.

TeleVideo Systems, 10/86-6/88

Technical Support Specialist/Program Development, Sunnyvale, CA: phone technical support and DBase 3+ programming for terminals/MS-DOS systems/LAN file server/UNIX micro manufacturer.

Bizcomp, 11/85-10/86

Customer Support Engineer, Sunnyvale, CA: Phone technical support for modem manufacturer, including pre- and post-sales. Train sales staff, OEM technical liaison. Authorize, issue, log and track RMAs. Alter commercial and public domain software for specific modem applications. Program in Dbase II and BASIC. Final test all repairs. Operate computer BBS.

Leasametric, 1/83-11/85

Lead Customer Support Technician, Foster City, CA: Phone troubleshooting and technical support. Head western region CS department. Wrote DBase II programs to log and track equipment failures. more than 2,000 products supported, including PCs, printers, plotters, terminals, modems, multiplexers. Operate computer BBS.

Lab Technician, Foster City, CA: Troubleshoot, configure and repair computer peripherals.

TRW, 1/80-1/83

Field Service Technician, TRW Customer Service Division, San Leandro, CA 1/82-1/83 Field repair of POS systems, computer terminals and printers to board level. Component-level repair power supplies.

Field Service Technician, TRW Customer Service Division, Seattle, WA, CA 1/80-1/82 Field repair of POS systems, computer terminals and printers to board level.

Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center, 7/78-1/80

Head, Audio-Visual Department, Seattle, WA: Operate A/V department and GED testing center for vocational school. Taught pre-vocational communications classes.

The Raymond Herald, 2/78-7/78

Editor, Raymond, WA . Edit weekly 32-page newspaper. Included photography, writing & darkroom work.

United States Peace Corps, 2/75-2/77

Peace Corps Volunteer, Audio-Visual Technology, The Rubber Research Center, Haad Yai, Thailand 4/76-2/77.

Peace Corps Volunteer, Audio-Visual Technology, Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology, Bangkok, Thailand 2/75-4/76.

The Omak/Okanogan County Chronicle, 9/74-2/75

News Editor, Omak, WA. Writing, photography, layout for weekly 32- page newspaper.

The Daily Astorian, 1/73-6/74

Desk Editor, Astoria, OR.Daily broadsheet newspaper. Designed layout of all pages, wrote headlines & captions, edited AP news wire copy, transmitted local articles to AP via teletype, acted as local AP photographer/correspondent at special events.

University of Washington Daily, 11/68-6/72

Night Editor, Seattle, WA, 10/70-6/71 & 10/71-6/72. Designed layout for 16- to 32-page tabloid newspaper 4 days a week. Wrote headlines & captions, oversaw paste-up in University Press (professional union) print shop. Reporter/Photographer, 11/68-10/70. Assignments included Arts & Entertainment Editor and humor columnist.

KOMO-TV, 6/69-10/69

Cameraman/Studio Engineer, Seattle, WA. Operated studio camera, audio and video switching equipment at ABC affiliate station.


Inside Windows Media, 1999, Que. Co-authored (wrote Chapter 2 and Appendix C) with Microsoft Windows Media Technology development group.
Starlight Networks Technical Bulletin, Starlight Networks, Editor, Winter 1996
Net/One Technical Journal, Ungermann-Bass:
February 1994, Building a Fault Action Command for OS/2 NetDirector
April, 1994, Using Foundation Manager History Logs to Chart Network Activity
April, 1994, Automating an ftp Session Using PCTCP ftp for MS-DOS
The HP PC Communicator, Hewlett-Packard:
March/April 1989, Merging Lists Into PageMaker 3.0
May/June, 1989, PageMaker 1.0 and 3.0: Using Special Characters
July/August, 1989, Desktop Publishing: Dithering Around
July/August, 1989, JetScript Dingbats: WYSINWYG (What You See Is Not What You Get)


Other Interests

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