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How To View Howeird's Webcams

  1. Click on the image of the desired webcam above
    • A web page will pop up
    • Read the page and follow the directions for your browser type
  2. User is hacker (all lower case)
  3. password is Guest666 (capital G then lower case)
      For Internet Explorer on Foodcam only:
    • After logging in, click the radio button to the left of the 2x2 grid to see all 4 cams
    • To zoom in to a particular cam:
      • Click on that cam's image
      • Click on the radio button to the left of the single square grid
      All other browsers/cams can only see one camera at a time

    Howeird's webcams:

    1. Frontcam: Looking toward the front windows from the kitchen counter
      • Floor level: cat water fountain & food tower
      • Up and to the left to see if Spook is on the window sill
      • View some of the kitchen
    2. Treecam: Covers the Front of the piano room from the kitchen
      • Peek around the corner to cat trees and the porch windows
      • Kitchen stove, sink, island, etc.
    3. Guestcam: Guest room
      • Futon (Spook sleeps here a lot)
      • Side window, looks out over the neighbor's carport
    4. Livingroomcam: Livingroom viewed from above the entertainment center
      • Recliner
      • Sofa
      • Side windows
      • Peek around the corner to hallway & bedroom door
      • Piano
      • Office door
    5. Officecam: Office looking toward the window
      • Desk, computer
      • Tall cat tree
      • File cabinet
      • Window to carport
    6. Rugcam: Livingroom from above the windows
      • Sheepskin rug
      • Office door
      • Spook's toy corner
    7. Laundrycam: Laundry Room
      • Washer/Dryer
      • Carport door
      • Part of litterbox (behind washer)
    8. Bedcam: Master bedroom (10am - 9 pm)
      • Bed
      • Bathroom door
    Important Note

    These cameras can tilt and swivel, but only Howeird can make them do that.
    When you view the webcams what you see is what you get. And beware: There are some things you cannot un-see.

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    Email howeird at (howeird@howeird.com)