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Winter 2014
Spook hiding behind the dryer
Camo-Spook on the bed's multicolor quilt
Webcam shot of Spook watching me at the computer
Summer 1998
Domino caught in the headlights
Domino: Box lunch
Domino: Best Paw Foreward
Basket cases
Bedtime Frolic
Tummy Attack!
Empress Domino on Her Throne
Feeding Time
How did she get up there?
Aerial Recon
Punkin Face
Pumpkin: Mirror mirror...
Pumpkin takes a catnap
Thereby hangs a tail
July 1999
Pumpkin does his Lion King act
In hiding
Out for a stroll
What are you looking at?
Guarding the remote
Sidewalk Sentry
September 2000
Pumpkin in the sink
Domino on the scanner
Domino on the scanner, with an attitude
May 2003
Domino amongst the leaves
Domino guarding the patio
It's a tough life
In the Window 1
In the Window 2
Pumpkin in the Doorway
Guarding the Apartment
Pumpkin Relaxing after a Hard Day
Double Decker Guard Duty
February 2004
Pumpkin and Domino looking out the window
Pumpkin up close
Pumpkin keeps the laundry warm
October 2004
Two Up
Two Down
November 2004
Whose Quilt?
February 2005
Domino in the Hole
And down one level...
April 2005
Cats Meet The Fish
January 2008
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