Rehearsals for "Pirates of Penzance" Lyric Theatre

Dancing Wolfie Daughter Serenade 1 Daughter Serenade 2 Daughter Serenade 3 Daughter sees the light
Dancing Wolfie.jpg Daughter Serenade 1.jpg Daughter Serenade 2.jpg Daughter Serenade 3.jpg Daughter sees the light.jpg
Director and Accompanist Edith Frederick and Mabel Frederick and Major General Front Desk 1
Director and Accompanist.jpg Edith.jpg Frederick and Mabel.jpg Frederick and Major General.jpg Front Desk 1.jpg
Front Desk 2 Mabel Mabel Sings Sigh  
Front Desk 2.jpg Mabel.jpg Mabel Sings.jpg Sigh.jpg

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