Howeird's Grossest Hits

Howeird's Grossest Hits

The comic and vocal stylings of howeird Copyright 1968-2014 by Howard Stateman, All Rights Reserved

You Walk By You walk by and all sorts of nasty things happen.
Sincerely When you sin, sincerely.
So So Long Bye-bye!
Sally's Room The phone isn't all that's dead in Saly's room.
Omak A song about a little town in Eastern Washington State I used to live in
Margaret's Drinking SongMargaret was not an ex-girlfriend, darn it.
Loved and Lost More twisted philosophy: It is better to have loved and lost than to have never lost at all.
LA A Tribute to Los Angeles
NOTHIN What I got from you is nothin'
22nd Birthday Waltz Having fun under waltz pretenses
I've Gotten Over You (And Now It's Getting All Over Me) Another trip to the self-service pump at the gas station of love
Freezer Could be for an ex-girlfriend...
Asstoria Written on a road trip to LA after living in Astoria, Oregon for too long
You Walk By Originally dedicated to my older sister
Life is a 4-Letter Word Philosophical Song
Chicken Bogey March Chickens clucking the Col. Bogey March. We did this in the back of the van from SEA-SFO in 1969

Nose Picking 101 After doing voice-over for about 100 slide-tape tutorials, I recorded this gem on proper nosepicking techniques. Imagination is much better than any slide show I could have designed.

Hillarious Answering Machine Messages - Part 1 What the title says
Answering Machine Messages - Part 2 Amusing answering machine messages from howeird's old machine
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