Sergeant of Police in The Pirates of Penzance

Lyric Theatre, San Jose, CA 2004

Photos by Bob March (

Go ye heroes, go and die

Howeird's Police Corps lectured by Mabel. Left to right: Sean Carson-Hull, Paul Melville, Natalie Ballenger, Larry Tom, James Chipman, Howeird, Richard Hsu (back), Steve Morgan.

"...and listen to the merry village chime"

The Police chorus line, left to right: Sean Carson-Hull, Paul Melville, Larry Tom, Howeird, James Chipman, Richard Hsu, Steve Morgan.

"Don't say you're orphans, for we know that game", sings Pirate King (right) David Powell

"We charge you yield..."

" Queen Victoria's name."

"Yes, yes, for all their faults they love their Queen"

"Poor Wandering One" That's Tze Yi Yeoh to Howeird's left and the lovely and talented Pamela Manikowski to the right.

Curtain call. Front row, left to right: Sabrina and Michael Cuddy, Howeird, David Powell, Marco Remedios, Natalie Ballenger, Mark Blattel, Pamela Manikowski, Jean Marie Perchalski and Colleen Chipman.

Photos by Bob March (